Ongoing Projects

Matthews Station Parking

The Matthews Station Street development turned ten in 2010, its success is evident with the amount of parking demand that occurs on a frequent basis. Through the collection of data on parking usage in the Matthews Station area, the Planning Department has formulated this brief report complete with usage trends and suggestions for how to manage parking in this part of the Town.

Matthews Station Parking Analysis 1.58 MB


Four Mile Creek Greenway

Four Mile Creek Greenway is now open to the public.

Click here to view a map of Four Mile Creek Greenway.
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Long-Term Plans

Vision Statement: Our Town, Our Vision

Land Use Plan: A Guide for Growth 2012 - 2022

Downtown Master Plan: the plan for the downtown area which is based on seven principles that collectively reinforce the livability of the town center

Comprehensive Bicycle Plan: a significant step towards incorporating bicycles into the planning infrastructure and culture of Matthews

Planning, Aging and Matthews: a look at Matthews' preparation for an aging population

Parks and Recreation Master Plan: Evaluated recent changes throughout the community and initiated a public discussion on future park and recreation needs.

Long-Term Projects

Comprehensive Transportation PlanThe Towns of Matthews and Stallings undertook the development of this Transportation Plan together to ensure future plans for the area would support the needs of both Towns. Though the Towns are located in separate counties, residents and commuters share common roads and routes as they travel to work, shopping, recreational activities or visiting family and friends. A dramatic change of a route in Matthews could directly or indirectly affect residents in Stallings. This collaborative effort of the Towns intends to fully understand the travel patterns of all citizens and to develop project recommendations that would benefit the area as a whole.

NC-51 and Idlewild Rd. Roundabout - This project consists of a new roundabout at the intersection of Idlewild Road and Matthews-Mint Hill Road.  It is currently in engineering design and will be designed to fit with the future widening of Matthews-Mint Hill Road.  This project has been delayed to the summer of 2015.  There will be a public hearing in late 2014.   This is a joint NCDOT -Town project.

NC-51 Improvements - This projects will widen the eastbound lane of Matthews-Mint Hill Road from the corner of Matthews-Mint Hill Road and Matthews Township Drive, to Phillips Road. Traffic from Matthews-Mint Hill Road will be able to use a new u-turn area to legally go eastbound on Matthews Township Parkway. A new 10-foot sidewalk will be added to the a portion of the south side of Matthews-Mint Hill Road. This project is currently in engineering design.  Construction is expected to start in the summer of 2014 and being completed in December 2014.    This is a joint NCDOT -Town project.

485/Weddington Road Interchange - This project was delayed and is now beyond the current Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP).   

This is a joint NCDOT -Town project.

McKee Road Extension - Segment A (2.2 MB) of this proposed project will extend McKee Road from its existing terminus at Pleasant Plains Road to John Street.  Segment B (1.8 MB) will lengthen it to Campus Ridge Road.  Further segments will continue McKee Road to its final terminus at Independence Boulevard, near I-485.

Monroe Connector/Bypass - The Turnpike Authority is revising their environmental document to address the issues and are expecting permission in the Summer 2014 to proceed. Additional information on this project is available at

MUMPO Thoroughfare Plan

Northeast Parkway

Small Area Plan

Sportsplex - Located at 1505 Tank Town Road, this project is a $32M athletic complex for field sports and includes adjoining privately held land for a Family Entertainment Complex. The project is being done jointly with the County.  The Town of Matthews has agreed to investing $2M in the project.  Phase I of this project is open and includes five multi-purpose fields, a shelter area and a playground built in tribute to the lives lost in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack.  Ultimate build-out includes 12 fields, including a stadium that sits approximately 2,700 people, with the capability of further seating expansion.  Phase Two is expected to begin in 2015.

South Trade Street - Originally, this project widened South Trade Street between Fullwood Avenue and Weddington Road.  The Town Board voted to narrow the scope and cost of the project so the widening did not include widening the culvert under South Trade Street.  The Town received bids for the revised section on September 11, 2014.  The apparent lowest bidder was Sealand Corporation with a bid of $4,223,641.93.  Their bid was brought to the Town Board of Commissioners' meeting September 22, 2014 and was approved. Construction is expected to start in January 2015 and wrap up in March 2016.  Widening the culvert under South Trade Street has been submitted to the Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization (CRTPO) for future inclusion and possible funding through the Metropolitan Transportation Plan.

Campus Ridge Road Realignment - This project will construct a road segment from East John Street and tie into the existing Campus Ridge Road. The environmental document can be found here.  An overall schematic of the road can be found here. Engineering is complete and right-of-way acquisition is underway.  The project is scheduled to be let in early 2014 by NCDOT.

E. John Street / Old Monroe Road Widening (U-4714) - This widening project is divided into three segments.  Section A is from its intersection with Trade Street in downtown Matthews to I-485. Section B is from I-485 to Waxhaw Indian Trail Road.  Section C is from Waxhaw Indian Trail Road to Wesley Chapel-Stouts Road.  Only Section B is currently funded.  Since the project is receiving federal funds, it is required to have an Environmental Assessment (EA).  

As part of the EA, the design team held a Charrette session for initial public input on August 27 through 29, 2013.  More information can be found here:

opening night presentation 

closing night presentation 

Charrette Summary

January 21, 2014 Public Meeting Material 

January 21, 2014 Meeting Summary

Public Meeting Display Boards

Meeting Handout

Meeting Comment Form

NCDOT Superstreet brochure


Presentation on June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014

John Street Conceptual Drawings - August 2014

Concept drawings

John Street Conceptual Drawings - September 2014

Concept drawings