Boards and Committees

The Town of Matthews welcomes interaction and participation with citizens and has a number of committees and boards where citizens can make a difference.

There are a number of ways you can actively participate with town government. The Police, Fire & EMS and Parks & Recreation Departments all have volunteer opportunities for citizens. In addition, the Town has nine boards and committees: Appearance/Tree Advisory Committee; Board of Adjustment; Economic Development Advisory Committee; Environmental Advisory Committee; Historic Preservation Advisory Committee; Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resource Advisory Committee; Planning Board; Special Needs Advisory Committee and the Transportation Advisory Committee.

For complete details on every committee, including their responsibilities, meeting times and locations please review the Citizen Participation Handbook. If you are interested in serving on any of the boards and committees you must submit an application to Town Clerk Lori Canapinno.

Appearance/Tree Advisory Committee
The Appearance/Tree Advisory Committee makes a study of the visual characteristics and needs of the Town and promotes those activities and programs that enhance the Town character, preserving and beautifying the landscape, in order to make Matthews a cleaner, greener, and more aesthetically pleasing community.

Board of Adjustment
The Board of Adjustment is a quasi-judicial board that interprets town ordinances and policies for unique situations or special cases related to the town Zoning Ordinance.

Economic Development Advisory Committee
The Economic Development Advisory Committee markets the Town to facilitate the economic development process. Major emphasis is placed on the retention and expansion of existing business and industry, the attraction of new business opportunities, and the continued revitalization of the Town’s economic base.

Environmental Advisory Committee
The Environmental Advisory Committee provides advice and assistance to the Board of Commissioners on all areas of potential environmental impacts to the Town including air pollution, water pollution and floodway control problems. The Committee also provides support in selecting solid, household hazardous waste, recycling, and yard waste contractors and providing oversight into the appropriate management of these materials.

Historic Preservation Advisory Committee
The Matthews Historic Preservation Advisory Committee focuses on the preservation of properties and artifacts, education of the community, and partnerships with municipal and civic organizations, including the Matthews Historical Foundation and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission to advance the cause of historic preservation.

Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resource Committee
The Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resource Advisory Committee serves as an advisory body in matters affecting recreation and special events including planning, promotion and marketing of same. The Committee provides input for the long-range planning of resources towards park projects, acquisition of land and other indoor/outdoor recreational activities. Additionally, the Committee ensures that Matthews has a current cultural plan which include arts, science and history programs both at the Matthews Community Center and in the community at large.

Planning Board
The Planning Board investigates town plans and growth and makes recommendations to the Board of Commissioners.

Special Needs Advisory Committee
The Special Needs Advisory Committee serves as a conduit to reach, refer and empower physically and mentally challenged citizens of the Matthews Community.

Transportation Advisory Committee
The Transportation Advisory Committee assists in the development of a master transportation system plan to include, but not be limited to, current and future roads and location of same; mass transit corridors and infrastructure types; car-van-bus pools/park & ride solutions; pedestrian greenways; and bike paths. The Committee also makes recommendations to the Board of Commissioners on issues such as speed hump placement, traffic calming, etc., and provides review input on major projects that may affect transportation such as major area rezonings.