Vision & Strategic Plans


Matthews is continuously working with citizens to plan for the present and the future. As part of this process the Town conducted a series of workshops in 2005 to plan for the Town's future. This process resulted in an in-depth Vision Statement for the community

See the complete report here.

Beginning in 2009, the Town Board and Staff took the next step in the process to use the Vision Statement to create a Strategic Plan for the Town Government. The Community Vision was used to develop the Town Government’s Mission, Vision, Purpose, Values, Goals, and Strategies for implementation. This became the Town’s Strategic Plan for 2014-2019 and can be found here.

In 2010, the Town Strategic Plan was driven down to the Department level in order to  ensure the accomplishment of the Town's goals and strategies. Each Department created its own Department Plan that outlined each Department’s role in implementing the Town's Strategic Plan. Progress is monitored and performance measures are being developed further to achieve the mission of the Town.