Matthews Mayor Jim Taylor Not Seeking Another Term

Posted on Wednesday July 19, 2017
Matthews Mayor Jim Taylor released the following statement today regarding his decision to not seek another term
Matthews, N.C. - Matthews Mayor Jim Taylor released the following statement today regarding his decision to not seek another term:

"To the wonderful citizens and staff of Matthews:

"I have thoroughly enjoyed being involved and associated with Matthews government for more than two decades, but I have decided not to seek another term as Mayor of the Town of Matthews, NC.  I have served Matthews for the past 23 years, 5 on the Transportation Board, 10 on Council and for the last 8 years as Mayor.  I have enjoyed every minute of this experience and would not trade any of it for anything.  I said many years ago that once I felt this service started to feel like a job, it would be time to step away and allow others to continue the vision.  Well, that time is now.  I feel I have accomplished all the goals I've had for Matthews.  

"The ribbon cutting of the Matthews SportsPlex was the final piece of the puzzle for me.  This was a project that took over 20 years to envision, discuss, negotiate, plan and finally build.  With the cooperation of Mecklenburg County, we now have a $34 million, state of the art facility in our backyard that will have a positive economic impact on our community for decades to come.  

"I am very proud of all the accomplishments I and many councils have achieved over my tenure.  This has always been a team effort and I appreciate all the support along the way.  We have talented and accomplished professionals in leadership positions within our town staff and I feel Matthews will continue to be run effectively and efficiently.  I am proud and thankful for all the men and women that work for and serve the Town of Matthews. 

"We have a community that is the envy of many places and I cherish that.  I am proud of the low tax rate we have been able to maintain as a result of being fiscally conservative while having the compassion we all need to make a community.  Matthews has wonderful and talented people that 'want' to call Matthews home.

"I have struggled with this decision for weeks and realized that Matthews will never be complete.  We are always changing and evolving.  We are always looking to be better tomorrow than we are today.  To that point, I feel I leave Matthews better today than when I first started.  The fact that we are a desirable community with character and charm that people want to be here is evidence that we have that special something that many other communities only wish they could have.  

"We now have a vibrant downtown with restaurants and bars that people love to gather at.  This did not come overnight but took many years of planning and vision to make a reality.  I'm very proud of that reality.  I see nothing but more great establishments and activities coming to our wonderful downtown.  

"In my mind, I'm leaving the town in great hands as I have witnessed wonderful people come up through the ranks of our volunteer boards and committees to run and win elections for seats on council. These are dedicated and qualified people that have the understanding and knowledge to keep the vision for Matthews strong and on track.   I encourage them and others to stay engaged and involved and to never lose sight of the long term vision for Matthews. 

"I will stay engaged and involved in our community and at some point I may decide to re-enter the public space and serve our town or state in some capacity but for now, I'll just enjoy my family and know that I have left Matthews better and left a positive impact on our community.  
"Thank you for your thoughts, prayers and support over the past two decades.  May God bless each of you and the wonderful Town of Matthews."

Jim Taylor
Mayor - Town of Matthews, NC


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