Town of Matthews Charter

General Provisions

Chapter 10 - General Provisions
Chapter 11 - Town Policies


Chapter 30 - General Administrative Provisions
Chapter 31 - Board of Commissioners
Chapter 32 - Town Officials and Employees
Chapter 33 - Boards and Commissions
Chapter 34 - Criminal History and Motor Vehicle Record Checks

Public Works

Chapter 50A - Solid Waste
Chapter 51 - Sewerage and Water Systems
Chapter 52A - Surface Water Pollution Control

Traffic Code

Chapter 70 - General Provisions
Chapter 71 - Traffic Rules
Chapter 72 - Stopping, Standing, or Parking
Chapter 73 - Traffic Schedules
Chapter 74 - Parking Schedules
Chapter 75 - Traffic Control Photographic Systems
Chapter 76 - Valet Parking

General Regulations

Chapter 90 - Abandoned and Junked Vehicles; Junk Removal
Chapter 91A - Animals
Chapter 92A - Noise Control
Chapter 93 - Parks and Recreation
Chapter 94 - Public Nuisances
Chapter 94A - Graffiti Abatement
Chapter 95 - Streets and Sidewalks
Chapter 96 - Cable Television
Chapter 97 - Towing of Vehicles
Chapter 98 - False Alarm Ordinance
Chapter 99 - Tree Ordinance
Chapter 100 - Gated Communities
Chapter 101A - Parades and Picketing

Business Regulations

Chapter 110 - Privilege License Tax
Chapter 111 - Advertising
Chapter 112 - Charitable Solicitation Control
Chapter 113 - Taxicabs
Chapter 114 - Privilege Tax on Motor Vehicles
Chapter 115 - Tax on Gross Receipts Derived from Retail Short-Term Lease or Rental of Vehicles
Chapter 116 - Alcohol Beverage Commissions Permits/Local Opinion Form Ordinance
Chapter 117 - Tax on Gross Receipts Derived from Short-Term Lease or Rental of Heavy Equipment
Chapter 118 - Peddlers, Solicitors and Itinerant Merchants

General Offenses

Chapter 130 - Offenses Against Town Regulations

Land Usage

Chapter 150 - Building Regulations

Unified Development Code

Chapter 1: General Provisions [155.101-155.103]
Chapter 2: Decision-making, Administration and Enforcement [155.201-155.214]
Chapter 3: Nonconformities [155.301-155.309]
Chapter 4: Application Requirements and Review Procedures [155.401-155.405.11]
Chapter 5: Use Districts [155.501-155.506.50]
Chapter 6: General Development Standards (all sections) [155.601-155.609.10]
601-603: General Regulations (individual section)
604: General Regulations (individual section)
605: General Regulations (individual section)
606: Tree Protection and Landscaping Regulations (individual section)
607: Off-Street Parking and Loading Requirements (individual section)
608: Signs (individual section)
609: Outdoor Illumination (individual section)
Chapter 7: Public Improvement Standards [155.701-155.712]
Chapter 8: Post Construction Storm Water Regulations [155.801-155.808]
Chapter 9: Floodplain Regulations [155.901-155.906]
Chapter 10: Housing Code [155.1001-1006]

Table of Special Ordinances

Table I - Franchises

Ordinance Database

Searchable index [downloads Excel spreadsheet]


The Town of Matthews ordinances posted on this web site represent ordinances previously approved by the Board of Commissioners. However, Town ordinances may from time to time be modified or repealed, and any ordinance(s) enacted since this particular data base has been updated will not appear here. The Town of Matthews therefore makes no representation as to completeness or accuracy of this information and this web site is not intended to replace any official source of Town information. Complete and accurate copies of Town ordinances currently in effect are available at the Matthews Town Hall. Anyone who uses information obtained from this web site does so at their own risk. The Town of Matthews assumes no responsibility for any decisions made or actions taken based upon this information. The user agrees to hold the Town of Matthews harmless from all actions, claims, damages or judgments arising out of the use of any information obtained from this web site.

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