December 9, 2019

DECEMBER 9, 2019 – 5:30 PM

The Board will meet with staff to review ongoing zoning applications.


DECEMBER 9, 2019 – 6:00 PM

A reception will be held to honor incoming and outgoing members of the Board of Commissioners. The public is invited to attend.

DECEMBER 9, 2019 - 7:00 PM


1. Regular Meeting Called to Order


2. Safety Minute


3. Invocation


4. Pledge of Allegiance


5. Presentation from Matthews Playhouse


6. Receive  Presentation on Fiscal Year 2018-19 Audit 


7. Items to be Added to the Agenda


8. Public Comment (Sign in to speak before the meeting starts. Time is limited to four minutes per person.)


9. Recognize Planning Board


10. Planning and Development Business


A. Receive  Report from Planning Board


B. Planning and Zoning Related Actions:


1) Zoning Application 2019-703/Home Depot: To change the conditions on that certain B-1SCD Shopping Center District located at 1837 Matthews Township Parkway, and being further designated as Tax Parcel 193-231-33, and more commonly referred to as The Home Depot Center, regarding outside storage and sales  2019-703 memo   DENIED


2) Zoning Application 2019-704/text: to change the text/table in the UDO regarding Section 155.608.10D Table regarding churches or places of worship and internal illumination of signs   2019-704 memo  APPROVED


3) Motion 2019-4/text: to change the UDO code text regarding lodging facilities   Motion 2019-4 memo  APPROVED


4) Zoning Application 2019-700/Stronghaven: to change the zoning from I-1 to I-1(CD) on that certain property designated as 433 E. John Street and being further identified as Tax Parcel 215-014-06 (deferred from November 25)   2019-700 memo  DEFERRED TO JANUARY 13, 2020


5) Motion 2019-2(a): to change the zoning from I-1 to R-12 on that certain parcel designated as 433 E. John Street and being further designated as Tax Parcel 215-014-06 (deferred from November 25)   Motion 2019-2(a) memo  DEFERRED TO JANUARY 13, 2020


11. Consent Agenda  APPROVED


A. Approve Minutes of the  November 25, 2019 Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting

B. Accept Zoning Applications 2019-706/Comfort Inn: 1718 Windsor Crossing Drive; Conditional to B-3(CD); and 2019-707/Brace Y: 3127 Weddington Road; R/I(CD) Change of Conditions; and Set Public Hearings for January 13, 2020

C. Approve Budget Ordinance Amendment to Recognize and Appropriate Funds for Crestdale Multiuse Path Project in the Amount of  $250,000.00

D. Approve Technology Reimbursement to Commissioner Higdon in the Amount of  $600.00

E. Approve  1% Market Adjustment to Employee Pay Scale


12. New Business


A. Consider  Bids for Financing for LED Pedestrian Lights  APPROVED - BB&T BID

B. Consider Application for  Asphalt Art Grant  APPROVED


13. Reflections from Outgoing Commissioners


14. Five Minute Recess


15. Swearing in of 2019-2021 Governing Body


A. Mayor John F. Higdon


B. Commissioners Dave Bland, Barbara Dement, Renee Garner, Jeff Miller, John Urban and Reverend Larry Whitley


16. Comments from Mayor and Commissioners


17. Adopt  Organizational Resolution  APPROVED


18. Elect Mayor Pro-Tempore


19. Consider Council Appointments


A. Arts and Science Council

B. Centralina Council of Governments

C. Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization

D. Levine Senior Center Board of Directors

E. Matthews Chamber of Commerce

F.  Matthews Committee on Education

G. Matthews Economic Development Advisory Committee

H. Metropolitan Transit Commission

I.  Planning Coordinating Committee

J. The Quad Alliance


20. Mayor’s Report


21. Attorney’s Report


22. Town Manager’s Report 


23. Adjournment 

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